XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector
   XLX410 v2.5.2     /  Service uptime: 80 days 03:49:39

 Module A - Transcoding. Main Channel.
 Module B - DMR Backup and Clustering
 Module C - D-Star - D-RATS Data and Voice.
 Module D - DMR Default. Nothing formal yet.
 Module P - DMR/YSF POTA use. Parks on the Air!

 Brandmeister DMR TG 310217 is bridged to Module A. 
 Visit the "Reflector Info" link above for more information.
 Visit the DMR Gateway Link to see different ways to use XLX on DMR.

 Wanna know more? Visit N5AMD.COM How-To's.

# XLX Peer Last Heard Linked for Protocol Module IP
1 BM3104 18.06.2024 13:58 5 days 07:30:28 s XLX A *.248.88.117